Friday, July 31, 2009

Facts About Patrick

March 14, 1994
Dear Bethany,
hi! So sorry that I haven't written for so long! Let's see, I got an A- in math!! Isn't that great? Guess what? Piper's going out with Mike. Am I going to be the only one in the grade who's NOT going out? I sure hope not!! 
I sometimes wonder if winter is ever going to end. Winter is soooo boring. I can't ride my bike, jump on the trampoline, and the trees are bare and there are no flowers or grass. I HATE IT! 
Oh, by the way, Diana found out a lot about Patrick. 
1. He loves the tazmanian devil and other Looney Tunes. Strange?

2. He loves reading

3. He collects baseball cards.

4. He lived in Texas before he came to Dover

5. He plays basketball.

6. He used to take karate

7. His favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough which is the same as my favorite ice cream. Cool huh? 


Corey Ann Haydu

I considered not owning up to the fact that I just signed off with "Tootles", but I have no dignity, so there you go. I make myself sick. 

Diana gets huge props in this entry. She went and got a bunch of random information on Patrick for me?? What prompted this generous gift? Did she take notes? Did I? The questions are endless. Most importantly-- how will I use this valuable information?? Will I offer Patrick a cone of cookie dough ice cream? Will I ask him if he wants to play a game of basketball? Will I speak in a Texan accent or buy him a baseball card? 
Or- will I simply love him from afar and never actually work up the courage to speak to him? 

I think we all know where this is going...

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