Monday, July 20, 2009

Corey Gets Over Patrick. Only to Suddenly Love Him All Over Again

February 25, 1994
Dear Bethy,
Sorry I haven't written for so long. Lots happened in the past week or so. 

1. I started not liking Patrick on Wednesday... but not anymore. I'll explain why: Well in math Jen, Christine and I were in this group, we had to make up 2 mental math problems, 1 calculator problem, 1 paper and pencil, and one paper pencil AND calculator in the same problem! Well, after Jen, Christine and I finished this, we switched papers with Patrick and Alex. First they complained that "This isn't calculator" "This is too easy" "You call THIS paper and pencil?" Then WE started complaining that one of their problems was hard. Patrick just replied "I did it in my head!" I hated him for that! But, I like him again (don't ask me why though!)

2. Alex asked Bree out and she said yes! I can't believe it! Clashy, immature Bree! 

3. About Allison and bratty, stupid Reese: Reese said to Allison "I like you". Allison said "I like you too". Later Allison said "I REALLY like you" and Reese said "I REALLY like you too." I'm sooooo mad! At recess on Friday Allison was trying to make everyone go away so that Reese could ask her out. Luckily he didn't, but he will soon! Patrick's just GOT to ask me out SOON. I'll feel so shitty if he doesn't. I'm giving him a secret admirer note for Valentine's Day. 

Um. Ok. I kind of don't want to read any further because I am TERRIFIED of the disastrous results of this secret admirer note. I do not remember anything about it, which hopefully means I either didn't follow through with this plan or that it was somehow construed as acceptable. 
I am rather appalled at Patrick's despicable behavior regarding my math papers (side note: is this really what I spent math class doing? Trying to determine what types of problems you need a calculator for vs. what kinds of problems you can do in your head seems.... like not such an important skill. Or, rather, it seems like something that would come naturally. Like, "Hey. I can't do this in my head. why don't I grab a calculator?") 
Given how rude he was, I certainly forgave him quickly. Love conquers all? Corey was lacking in self respect? You decide. 
I'm worried ten year old Corey is going to blow her brains out while everyone in the grade gets a boyfriend before her. Seriously. Clashy, immature Bree? I mean, has anyone noticed how mature I was?? And how well my patterned vests matched my skorts?? IS THERE NO JUSTICE??


  1. This is Hilarious. There is no justice in Patterned Vests, ever. I just read through my 10 year old journal, and my main reason for wanting "Tom" to ask me out is that "Boyz R more hyper then girls and they don't always bug you with stuff and have to talk about feelings" .. awesome.