Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

February 12, 1994
Dear Beth,
Hi! I guess I should write to you because today's my last day being ten. Today was my birthday party. We went roller skating. Piper was being a bitch. She and her loyal followers skated exclusively. Evie and I tried to tell Piper she was being a brat, but she walked away and wouldn't talk to me. I cried at my birthday! Eventually we worked things out but I still hate Piper for what she did. Tomorrow for my birthday Georgia and I are goinf to Friendly's for lucnh and then going to the movie "My Girl 2". I can't wait 'cause I loved "My Girl 1". Guess what?? for Georgia's birthday present to me she gave me tickets to go to Aladdin on Ice with she and her mom. I can't wait!!
You know what I always find kind of hard to believe? That the presents people give you for your birthday are really yours. 

Is it suspicious that I am still somewhat unclear about what Piper actually DID to me? I mean, aside from skating with her "followers"? Diana, was this you? Tell the truth. 
Also, this will not be the first nor last time I cry on my birthday. 
But these days I don't think I hate people quite so freely. Usually. 

As for my spectacular birthday plans.... Friendly's is one classy joint. No, but seriously there Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Sundae is maybe the greatest dessert ever. 

And yes, I still love presents as much as I did when I was ten... =) 


  1. um excuse me. why is there no reflection on how excited you were to see both "My Girl 2" and "Aladdin on Ice"? I mean, come on, thats embarrassing.

  2. This is really like a soap opera! I have to start at the first entry and read consecutively.