Thursday, July 23, 2009

Valentine's Day or Corey's Dark Day

February 14, 1994

Dear Bethy,

Today was really crappy. 
1. I got in a fight with Piper because she ruined my party. And do you know what? She said it was my fault that my party was ruined because I was the one who cried! I just can't believe that girl! 

2. Today's Valentine's Day. Allison gave Reese a huge Hershey's kiss, and he gave her a chocolate bear. And PLUS he asked her out. AUGHH. I hate it! Why won't Patrick ask me out? Why doesn't anyone ask me out? Am I ugly, stupid, insensitive? I've just GOT to know!!

Hopefully on Wednesday i'm going to FINALLY get a pet! I'm really excited.
I know I keep saying this but I'm just sooooo mad about Allison and Reese! I want a yes or no (hopefully yes) answer! Maybe I'll tell Allison that I can't be her friend if she goes out with Reese! It could work...


Oh. Oh God. Emotional blackmail. This was perhaps NOT the most well thought out plan. I would hold out hope that I did not actually go through with this plan, but given my track record thus far, I have a feeling I actually probably DID tell Allison I wouldn't be her friend if she went out with Reese. 
I only moderately feel bad that I was questioning (um, finally) my looks, intelligence and.... sensitivity level? Is sensitivity something guys really look for in girlfriends? I'm not so sure. But I enjoy that it was in my top three qualities. Can't imagine why I'd worry about being insensitive... I seem like such a sweet, innocent, caring girl. 
"Going out": This did NOT mean going on a date. It is more like going steady. Except without the talking or physical contact. I don't know what actual purpose this served-- it was like an agreement that you both liked each other and were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. But I think it actually cut down on interaction rather than increased it. Once you were "going out with" someone, talking to each other became wayyyy too stressful, and was to be avoided altogether. 
Allison and Reese were not exactly an exception to this-- but I'm impressed they exchanged Valentine's Day gifts. I mean, that's pretty advanced for a ten year old boy. Once again, Reese was SUCH a catch! 

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