Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Screaming Corey

January 6, 1994
Dear Bethy,
Hi! Lot's to say! Yesterday at gym Piper was being a bitch!! See, something was wrong so Evie and I asked her what was wrong and she kept pushing us away! So Evie and I started ignoring her (also, Evie mentioned that while she and Piper were playing school once, and since Evie's a bit dumb Piper said "Evie, you can be the smart one since you don't usually get to do that!" I was so mad) 
But later today Evie and I made up with her. But yesterday when Evie and I were discussing why we were mad at Piper, Allison butted in and said "So, you're in a fight with Piper?" I was so aggravated I screamed, "None of your business!" She got mad but I also made up with her! 
See ya!

Trouble interpreting this one? Me too. It appears I got mad at Piper for... pushing me away when she was upset? And I got mad at Allison for... asking me if I was in a fight with Piper? 
I enjoy the description that I screamed at Allison. I don't know if my current self would actually admit to that kind of drastic behavior. 

And when I feel bad about my actions as a ten year old, at least I know I wasn't alone. Piper called Evie stupid? Actually, that level of snide comment is pretty intense for a ten year old. Gotta respect that. Young enough to still play school (really?? ten year olds today mostly like, go to the mall and smoke and have sex from what I understand) but old enough to really hit someone where it hurts and an aggressive but partially subtle way? I like it. 

By the way, being ten sounds exhausting.