Saturday, July 11, 2009

When will Corey get the glory?

January 13, 1994
Dear Bethy,
Guess what?? I'm in a fight with Piper. See, in the first place she started scraping her nails on he chalkboard. I told her to stop and all she did was encourage more people to do it too. Then later when we were walking to the library she got mad for nothing! I HATE HER! 
Then, Reese asked Bill to ask Allison if she'd go out with Reese. She hasn't decided because how can they go out if they don't talk? 
Besides, I don't want her to go out. Why should she get the glory? Tomorrow, Connor's asking Patrick who he likes!

I like how Piper always does some horrible thing to me (scraping nails on the chalkboard! gasp!) but when she's mad I have done nothing at all. It is a big mystery that I will never get to the bottom of. Because as far as  I can tell, nothing is every ten year old Corey's fault. 

I remember my jealousy of Allison well. She was beautiful and Reese was gorgeous and all I wanted was to get that same easy attention. Also, if Bill is asking Allison if she will go out with Reese-- has there ever been a more beautiful, romantic start to a relationship! 

The real mystery in this entry is why did I ask CONNOR, my supposed enemy who did nothing but make fun of me, to find out if Patrick liked me?? Did I tell him about my crush? Did I trust him with this valuable information? Will wonders never cease?? 

Tune in to find out is Allison does, in fact, get all the glory.....

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  1. I love that you are still referring to a 5th grade boy as gorgeous... like he was a sex symbol in the 5th grade.