Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Nod to Christmas

December 14, 1993
Dear Bethany,
I was in music class and I twisted my ankle around. We went to the doctor's office it was something kinda weird. But now I'm in a cast and crutches!
I can't wait til Christmas. I already know some of my presents: 
1. 2 Taffy Sinclair books. 
2. 1 Betty Ren Wright book
3. A set of Nancy Drew books
4. An ornament
5. a video
6. An American Girl dress

I figured this out from shaking presents and snooping. 

I am a rule follower. I get this from my father. I submit to authority, I follow even the most inane rules, I have panic attacks when I am in trouble. I think it is fair to say I was thus a fairly easy child (Mom and Dad, feel free to refute this by posting a comment below. I know you are both technologically savvy enough to do this) 
My major childhood misdemeanors and secrets included such horrible things as:
- eating brown sugar in huge chunks from the box when my mom and dad were out.
- watching "Saved by the Bell", perhaps the tamest teen oriented show ever. But I thought they wouldn't approve. 
- staying up late... to read.
- snooping around the house looking for Christmas presents. 

Truth be told, at 26 years old I am still scared about what my mother will say about this revelation. But to me this was part of the joy of Christmas. It was one of my traditions, and one I assume my parents knew about. It was fun to sneak into their closet and find bags and boxes of presents... and usually they managed to hide the biggest and best presents successfully until Christmas morning. 
If you are as afraid of breaking the rules as I am, you'll understand what a HUGE deal this sneaking around was to me. This was one of my largest rebellions... um, ever. Teenaged years included. I'm not kidding.

I also need to take a moment to question my literary tastes-- Taffy Sinclair?? I don't know who or what this is, but I imagine it is complete pre-teen trash. I am a little hurt. I thought better of myself. I thought I was some super smart reader girl. But apparently, I admired someone who went by the name Taffy Sinclair. 


  1. you were such an east coast kid.

  2. Corey, between you and Sam I have found my seperated at birth sisters. Who knew kids stood up late to read? I used a plastic lit-from-within globe as my reading light.

    Don't hate on your literary 10 year old self, at least you didn't have every god-fosaken Judy Blume book ever written.