Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Photo makes me seriously question my entire self image.

December 10, 1993
Dear Beth,
Guess what happened today! At lunch Connor and his table was sitting near Piper and mine's. First I overheard Fred (yuck) say "I think Corey's sexy." Then Dan came over and said, "Corey, Fred wants to go out with you!" Then Fred (who was obviously embarrassed) said, "Corey I've always hated you and I always will." 

...I wish I could figure out if Piper thinks I'm her best friend like I think she's mine!"

I am looking forward to the entry where I stop being such a raving bitch. When does that happen? I mean, that does happen right? I'm not so terrible now I hope.... 

But way to go Fred. I mean, a little melodramatic, but impressive none the less. I wish it had made more of an impact... I don't make any mention of being hurt or offended by such harsh words. 

Do ten year olds really use the word sexy?? I mean, look above. Patterned vest included. Braces prominent. Sexiness notably  absent.
From what I can tell, elementary school seems to be mostly about figuring out how other people feel about you-- do the boys like you? Do the right boys like you? Is your best friend really best friends with you? Where do you rank, and who feels what? 

As sensitive as I am now, I can thankfully say I know who cares about me. I know my best friends love me back. I take it for granted, forgetting there was a time when you couldn't count on that easy reciprocation. 
26 suddenly looks less complicated... 


  1. I remember in 2nd grade when I hung out with the other popular girl and I helped her pick out an outfit for picture day. I had to chose between two and she was like "Are you sure you didn't just chose that one because you don't want me to look cuter than you?" and I was like "NO WAY", but she was totally right! That's exactly what I did...awful.

  2. we could have been sisters... wait, we still could be. ill have to show you some of my old schools pictures ;)