Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nice People Are Still Scary.

November 22, 1993
Dear Bethany, 
Hi! Today I had tutering with Mrs. Betley. It was fun but kinda easy. I always get nervous that I won't know what to say around her or that I'll mess up. 

Ok. The "tutering" I had with Mrs. Betley obviously did not cover spelling. 

If I was hoping to uncover the reasons for my fear of authority in this journal it appears I have struck out. I was apparently already afraid of my teachers by the time I started writing. Mrs. Betley was the most wonderful, kind, blonde haired, big boned, loving teacher in the entire elementary school (which actually isn't saying much. There were only about 370 kids in grades K-6.) 
But her kind-fairy-godmother-motherly-wonderful-woman-who-would-bake-you-cookies-if-it-was-appropriate demeanor didn't stop me from being scared of her. 

It took two years cocktailing at a mafia run comedy club to finally learn how to stand up to authority. Too bad ten year olds can't cocktail. Helps build a backbone. If nothing else. 

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