Friday, May 8, 2009

Time Magazine: news journal or toy catalogue?

November 22, 1993 continued...

Guess what we got in the mail? We got a "Toys to Grown On" with some RAD things in it. And from Time Magazine there was a clock/tape player that my mom said I could have.

You know what's more embarrassing than talking talking about your fifth grade crush online? Admitting to using the word "Rad" in 1993. 
Also, do ten year olds these days play with toys? In this cynical age I was surprised that I liked to shop from a catalogue called "Toys to Grow On" in fifth grade. From what I hear, fifth graders these days have sex, smoke, drink, call each other sluts. 

You will be happy to know I no longer use Time Magazine as a shopping guide. I have no memory of reading Time Magazine, but apparently I used any and all available reading material to look for toys. 

As for the clock/tape player... I never got it. Just goes to show how pointless shopping in Time Magazine really is. 

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  1. rad-i-cool.

    i said rad up until i was about 13 or so. of course, that was the early 80s. but im pretty sure the ninja turtles brought it back.

    anyway, its a perfectly cromulent word. was the clock/tape player one of those free with subscription giveaways?