Saturday, May 16, 2009

Filene's: the grade school girls' Victoria's Secret

December 12, 1993
Dear Bethy, 
Soooo much has happened!
Tuesday, Steven (who likes me) asked Diana if I had a bra... B-R-A! She TOLD him! Then he came up to me and slid his finger down my back and said "Oh my god you have one! I bet you go to Filene's a lot!" I was soooo mad! But Mrs. Jackson made me make up!!! 

Steven was, unsurprisingly, an asshole all the time. So no real shocker here. Except why oh why would he assume I am bra shopping at Filene's?? It almost strikes me as a totally genius ad campaign... like clearly everyone gets their bras there-- and even the ten year old boys know it! I wonder if his dad like... owned Filene's and he was really just plugging their undergarments to unassuming fifth grade girls. Something to seriously consider. 

Also, I'm going officially invite Diana (who reads this blog) to comment below on why she told Steven I was wearing a bra. 

I pretty clearly remember the humiliation of this incident. We were at  recess and I wanted to die. Which, now that I think of it, is actually is a way to describe a lot of incidents that took place in grade school.... 


  1. "Diana"May 23, 2009 at 3:26 PM

    I guess I was just a horrible friend. Or maybe I was jealous that you already had a bra, and I was about 5 years behind you in the boob department. Regardless, an apology is in order.

  2. well we can both look forward to when I find some horrible thing i did to you. although in my journal i will probably skew it to look like i was in the right.
    ah, how i hate my ten year old self.