Sunday, May 10, 2009

Unexpected Wisdom

November 22.1993 continued

... You know how Piper's parents are divorced? Well she's always said she hated her step-mom but today she told me that she would like her if she wasn't her step-mom. I was amazed! 

Piper's parents were the only ones who were divorced in my circle of friends. Her experience was divorce was, therefore, representative of my entire understanding of divorce. Piper's step-mom was bad. she was a bitch. (I also never met her). And though blonde haired, athletic, vivacious Piper was not the most likely ten year old to have highly evolved thinking, in this case she proved to be more mature than any of us. 

I feel proud of her, reading this entry. And though certainly in reading this journal I will encounter many fights and mean words said between Piper and I, for just this moment, she's something of a role model. 

Even on my best days, I'm rarely so diplomatic and evolved. 

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