Monday, June 1, 2009

This is No Barbie Dream House

December 14, 1993 continued...
I'm going to explain my "dream house": 1st floor: It's only two rooms. One- the gym which has a vault, beam, bars, and the whole floor and all the walls are made of mats. 
The other room is a theatre with a huge stage and tons of comfortable velvety chairs. 2nd floor: An old-fashioned kitchen with a gas stove and a polished kitchen table; a dining room. 
oops! I'll finish later!
See Ya
Yours Forever, 

I do not return to descriptions of this "dream house" any time in the next few weeks. 
My current living arrangement? An adorable studio apartment. The rooms? A bedroom that doubles as a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. My stove is gas, but I think I had a very different, romantic vision of what that meant. 
I don't have a theatre but I DO have DVR on my tv and I really enjoy that. No velvet seats, but there's a fleece blanket, so that's pretty comfortable. I've grown to really like fleece, so I guess my expensive tastes have been tempered.  I don't have a gym, but I go to one sometimes. Sadly, I don't do gymnastics and it smells like sweat and antiseptic. 

These days I dream of a bedroom with a door and enough space for a full sized couch instead of a love seat. And I love my 400 square feet. 

Dream Big. 

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