Saturday, May 2, 2009

Always a Critic

November 9, 1993
Dear Bethany, 
Near the end of school there was a glee club and band concert. IT STUNK!!! First they played "The Star Spangled Banner". It was so loud that you couldn't hear the glee club.
Oh! I should mention that Patrick was looking at me during math and the concert too. Maybe I do have hope!

My artistic tastes at this point were quite cultured. I was, after all, a SUMMER STOCK MUSICAL STAR. So, you can imagine the high standards  I was holding my fellow classmates too. The perfect band-glee club ratio is not easy to achieve. 

 My outrage at these concerts was also fed by the fact that I was not in band OR glee club. I have no idea of how I avoided both of these fates. I loved singing (again, I did SUMMER STOCK in NEW HAMPSHIRE) but I obviously knew my talents would be wasted on something as frivolous as glee club. 

Some time in this period of time I sang "Part of Your World" for the school talent show. It's a duet. I sang both parts. Comparatively about a hundred percent more humiliating than any band or glee club concert ever. 

ah, hindsight. 

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