Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Awesome List of Things to Buy At Mall

August 11, 1996


Here's my shopping list for my Natick Mall trip. 

1. nail polish (Hot Topic)
2. fake tattoos (Spencer's)
3. cool hat (Gap, 579, Claire's, other)
4. blush (CVS)
5. Lipstick (CVS)
6. beanie babies (Mall St.)
7. lip balms (Lip Lix, CVS)
8. shoes (Payless)
9. anklets (Mall St., Afterthoughts)
10. barrettes (Claire's., Afterthoughts) 
11. little butterfly clips (Claires, Afterthoughts) 
12. magazines and comics (bookstore, CVS)
13. CANDY (Sweet factory) 
14. books (bookstore)
15. perfume (body shop, bath and bodyworks)
16. Stationary
17. pens
18. knee socks (hot topic)
19. LONG bead necklace (Claire's, Afterthoughts)
20. toe rings (Claire's, Afterthoughts) 
21. scarves and headbands
22. Table for room (mom pay for?) 

you know what I want for Christmas? The two BIG things I want? A lava lamp and a water bed. 

I'm psyched! I want to go home! 5 Fucking Days!


I mean this whole list is amazing, but the last two additions are by far the best because WHO AM I? Lava lamp and water bed?? Am I a 22 year old trying to seduce hot chicks in the early 90s? Am I a hippie? It's unclear. But they definitely go with my long beaded necklaces, scarves, anklets and toe rings.


And beanie babies, of course.

Sigh. Oh, Corë.

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