Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Everything is a Problem.

August 9th, cont. 

Hi Beth! 

Well I just got a wonderful little comment from Brenda. The fucking cabin just takes me CD case and takes The Lion King CD out of it and puts it on without my permission. I got mad and Brenda said "Everything's a problem to you".



August 10, 1996

Hey Bethy,


Ok here's the news.  Mom called here last night and spoke to this head-person Alicia. She spoke to Nan, my counselor. And then we had a cabin meeting. Oh, maybe I should tell you what Mom called about. She called to tell about how tired I am. I've been complaining about it. I think if she'd done it a few months ago, I would have killed her-- but I'm actually a little happy that she did. 

Ok, also today for mail I got 2 postcards from Gramma Iris and a letter from Anna. Second day that I haven't gotten a letter from Mom. :( Well, that's just about it.  I can't wait to go home. I hope I get a good dinner tonight. And I also hope I get at LEAST a letter from Mom tomorrow. 


PS: Lauren, the Lion King director, told me I had "beautiful hair". YEA! 

Oh. Everything about this is terrible. First of all, I have to agree with Brenda, that in this period of time I make a huge issue out of EVERYTHING, and playing my Lion King CD is no big deal and omg I just wish I would chilllll.

I also love how I sort of leap over the really interesting thing here, which is that my mother called camp? And told them I was tired? And then we had a cabin meeting about it? I'm wondering if there is maybe more to this story? And I'm wondering how a conversation like this actually would go??

I'm so sad for Corë. She is so clearly depressed. I mean, right?

Or maybe this is what being 13 is like?

At least I had beautiful hair.