Friday, August 16, 2013

Friends Becoming Bitches

September 4, 1996

 It was my first day of school. I guess school is OK all things considered. I don't have a lot of friends in my classes. Or at least not friends I'm used to having in class. Anna. Jill. Tess. About Tess though. God how annoying do you get. Talk about a Bitch with a capital B. She is so mean. Last night I invited her to this really cool show, Blue Man Group with me. I would think that would mean a lot to her because inviting her is like a privilege. But she ignores me all day. Now I totally wish I hadn't invited her. If all she wants is popularity then she can have it. She can be popular with Ella and Molly and Lily and whoever the hell she considers really and truly important. You know, basically the people who don't like her and talk about her behind her back. Hey, you know, who she wants to be friends with is her choice. I shouldn't even be writing about it since she is (or at least was) my friend but I care that the friends she's choosing aren't the people that care about her. I know for her a friend is someone who can help her be in with the popular crowd. But I know and she should know that when she's older the friends she has picked just aren't going to cut it. When she's, let's say 19, she's going to want real friends to help her with boyfriend troubles or parent troubles or what not. I'm not saying I'm the perfect friend but I care about people and her and I think I would serve her better as a friend than any of the people she lately seems to think are more important than me. 

So I guess that's it.

Well it's not. I actually think you should know that I'm getting SO into my room. This weekend I'm taking an old toy box and painting it to put in my room. Tomorrow I want to look in the basement for for some possible cool stuff. Remind me! (LIKE YOU CAN TALK) 


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Awesome List of Things to Buy At Mall

August 11, 1996


Here's my shopping list for my Natick Mall trip. 

1. nail polish (Hot Topic)
2. fake tattoos (Spencer's)
3. cool hat (Gap, 579, Claire's, other)
4. blush (CVS)
5. Lipstick (CVS)
6. beanie babies (Mall St.)
7. lip balms (Lip Lix, CVS)
8. shoes (Payless)
9. anklets (Mall St., Afterthoughts)
10. barrettes (Claire's., Afterthoughts) 
11. little butterfly clips (Claires, Afterthoughts) 
12. magazines and comics (bookstore, CVS)
13. CANDY (Sweet factory) 
14. books (bookstore)
15. perfume (body shop, bath and bodyworks)
16. Stationary
17. pens
18. knee socks (hot topic)
19. LONG bead necklace (Claire's, Afterthoughts)
20. toe rings (Claire's, Afterthoughts) 
21. scarves and headbands
22. Table for room (mom pay for?) 

you know what I want for Christmas? The two BIG things I want? A lava lamp and a water bed. 

I'm psyched! I want to go home! 5 Fucking Days!


I mean this whole list is amazing, but the last two additions are by far the best because WHO AM I? Lava lamp and water bed?? Am I a 22 year old trying to seduce hot chicks in the early 90s? Am I a hippie? It's unclear. But they definitely go with my long beaded necklaces, scarves, anklets and toe rings.


And beanie babies, of course.

Sigh. Oh, Corë.