Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Fall For a Hunk and a Half. Yep.

January 22, 1996
Sorry I haven't written for such a long time. I see Derek sooooo much! He still rules! Don't worry! I also really like a guy named Ned. I've been KINDA thinking of asking him out... who knows? Kristen asked Aaron out and he said he'd tell her tomorrow. She's psyched. I HOPE he says yes but... I don't know if he will.

I'm mad at Tess. I can't explain it. I just get very annoyed with her. You know that deep feeling when you want to slap someone. There you go. She "doesn't care" about Jason and Derek anymore! Hayley still does though! Brenda-- he's a hunk and a half!!

A really cute guy slept over with my brother Saturday. He's taken, he's my brother's friend's boyfriend. Lucky!!

Bethy, help! Should I ask Ned out?? If he says no will I be able to talk to him again? (we're friends). And if he said yes, would I mess up while kissing him? I've never kissed anyone. I don't want advice, unless it's from someone who knows what he'll say... Is there anyone I could ask??

I'll think about it.


I do end up dating Ned.... but two years later. And I'm guessing he would not have said yes if I went for it in seventh grade. He was pretty effing popular with the ladies and I was.... quirky. You know, with a unicycle and shit. I did NOT end up dating my brother's friend's boyfriend, however. Because, you know, my brother was 17 at the time and i was TWELVE. So.... way to shoot for the stars, Corey.

Also: "that feeling where you want to slap someone"... that does not sound like a normal way to feel about my best friend. Am I a secret sociopath? And more importantly, will 29-year old Tess, who is still my friend, hate me now that she knows of my secret urge to hit her?

Oh and this phrase "a hunk and a half"... uhhh wow. That's a new one. I officially think I like INSIDE an Archie Comic.