Monday, February 20, 2012

A Testament to how much I LOVE Father of the Bride

December 9,1995
Hey Beth!

Guess what? My brother has this cool girlfriend, Tess. She's really nice. It's like a dream come true. She's like nice to me and comes here and talks to me, has dinner with the family. Stuff that is always in books!! I hung around all night with my brother and Tess and made chocolate chip cookies and all of us talked and it was SO FUN.

Oh my god, the scariest thing that has EVER happened, happened to me today. Diana, my dad, her dad, and I were going to lunch and a movie. So we were driving on this street. We got into a little rut in the road and when we tried to get out of it the car did a 360 degree turn! The whole world was spinning! Then we crashed into this metal rail that, if it broke, it would have been a VERY steep drop. Diana and I started crying and holding hands. Her dad felt so bad. His bumper fell off! It was disappointing though, because I REALLY wanted to see Father of the Bride Two. Oh well.

I can't WAIT until Christmas. My top choices are: a chameleon, a unicycle, and a stereo. I'm SURE I'll get one of them! YES!

See ya!

Yeah you read that right. The car crash I got into with my best friend and our dads was "disappointing" because it made me miss Father of the Bride TWO.

I also wonder what books I am reading that involve your older brother's girlfriend hanging out and making cookies. I guess I had not started reading my angsty books yet. Also, I love that I compare it to a book and not a movie. 'Cause I am so that girl.

And of course, the Christmas list. I never, ever, managed to have a normal-person Christmas list. I mean, a chameleon and a unicycle???

Um, I got the unicycle, and taught myself to ride it in our basement.

Let's just call it "quirky".

Sunday, February 12, 2012

In Which I Use the Word Grody Unironically.

December 8, 1995


Guess what? I didn't see Derek Friday last week, this weekend, or ALL this week. He was absent until today and I just didn't see him today-- how sad! My NoblesNet password is "Here", symbolic of Derek being in school again today. I don't want to forget it, I've been changing my passwords a lot lately.

I saw Patrick yesterday and today. Grody!! I hate him soooo much. He's just disgusting. And he looks at me, too (ok, fine, so I look at him....)

I really like these guys: Trevor, Ned, Josh and, of course DEREK!! (no shit, Sherlock). They're all pretty cute, though.

Tess and Hayeley are both a bit bitchy sometimes. They fight a lot- I'm kind of in the middle. Each one expects me to agree with them. I don't know! help!



Things to think about:

1. I seem to have developed a rather severe ADD. That's concerning.

2. NoblesNet. My high school's own little 90s internet system. I just like the mention of it in here. It's so adorable. And my password was Here. Here. Because you know, in the 90s you could have a four-word, no numbers or symbols password. NOSTALGIA.

3. The word grody. Which I seem to have used un-ironically.

4. The fact that I already think my ex-boyfriend is "grody". This is surprising only if you have not met me.

5. Of the guys I list in this entry as guys I like, I ended up dating two of the four of them. I think those are some solid odds.

6. How did I know that Derek was out of school for a few days? He's a senior and I'm a seventh grader. Did I ask around?? Was I legitimately stalking him? It's possible I was even crazier than I thought.