Thursday, October 21, 2010

Everyone is a bitch but me.

July 10, 1995

Dear Bethany,

Hello. Sorry I haven't written for so long. I've been busy. Well not really actually I just didn't really feel like writing. I talked to Patrick again. He said he'd miss me! Isn't that sweet? Yeah I think so too. Ellen and Diana and all the other girls were being totally bitchy freakoids about it. Ellen kept making little kisses in the air... a little "signal" to him. (fine, I wouldn't have really minded but he was sooooo embarassed.) I was really mad at them. Well not like, fight mad but mad enough to smile while sighing and tsk-tsk-ing.

Now I'm in NH. Everyone here, including Jessie, my favorite girl Oh JOY! OH RAPTURE! I am so ecstatic I'm jumping up and down... NOT!!!! Actually she's not as asshole-y as last year. Except now she and Kim have started a little "clique". Very annoying if you know what I mean. So Alice and I have been "hanging" together.

You are probably wonder who the the hell some of these people are so here we go:

Jessie: As I have already stated she is kind of bratty. SHe is USUALLY ok on a one-on-one basis. But in a group, well, she's very competitive and sshe never stops swearing. Supposedly she's very into "fashion" which personally I don't believe in. I think fashion is whatever YOU like.



Up on my high horse again and growing a sarcastic attitude that would put my current self to shame.

Some thoughts:

- it is easy to dismiss fashion when your parents let you walk out of the house in patterned vests and cordoroy turquoise skorts.

- forcing someone to kiss you is not sexy.

-having your friends try to force someone to kiss you is even less sexy.

- a journal cannot talk back, no matter how conversationally you address it.

- you will inevitably become best friends with whichever person you hate the most... watch out.

Life lessons from 1995.