Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Favorite Pen Pal

June 18, 1994
Dear Beth,

Hi! Guess what?
1. You know how Patrick and I have been writing letters? Well in his second to last letter he asked me why I like him. I told him things like he's smart and good looking. And I asked him why he likes me!! He said I'm pretty, funny, smart, nice and a good letter writer. Yes!!
2. Only 4 days of school and 3 days of math.
3. Yesterday I got into fights but I made up with both of them. First I got mad at Piper and Georgia. Here's why: see, Mrs. J's class (us) has been doing little Fractured Fairytales (I'm the Jolly Green Giant) I got mad because at the end of yesterday's performance they gave Mrs. J a flower saying THEY thanked her. I think the whole class should have given her the flower.
Then I got in a fight with Allison because she wouldn't tell me why she was mad at Dani and Cassie.


Ah, the pen pal stage with Patrick. So romantic... sort of Victorian of us. Like, we have class together and are in school with only like, 50 other people, but we don't talk... we just communicate through letters, that are delivered by Diana. I mean, its so fancy of us. I probably should have stuck with this guy. Seems we really had a magical connection.

I guess even eleven year old boys fish for compliments... what was he looking for in asking me why I liked him?? And did he know how fervently he was encouraging my crush?? Meanwhile, it gave me the PERFECT opening for asking HIM why he liked ME. (Please note: I only gave him TWO reasons. He gave me FIVE. Success!)

This Fractured Fairytales play really caused a lot of drama. Maybe just for me. I wish everyone in my class had kept journals so I could tell if I was just a really fucking angry eleven year old, or if that was a product of the age. I guess there's no real way to know.

Stay tuned for Corey's SUMMER tales. Exciting!