Monday, April 1, 2013

Changing My Name, Changing Everything.

July 31, 1996


Hi! I just got back from the best evening activity-- Casino night! We got to dress up in costumes and we got fake money. Tina and I pooled our fake money and worked together and at the end we had $940! In a few days we get to go to an auction where they auction off cool things like counselors as servants or trips to the ice cream store. I can't wait. Oh, by the way, these things are shared as a cabin. 

I can't wait-- only 17 days left of camp. I'm kinda psyched. Mom, Dad and my brother and his girlfriend are ALL coming Saturday or Sunday for the whole day. Doesn't that rule? Yea! I really miss my bedroom, isn't that strange? 

Oh I almost forgot that after camp on the 25th I go to Bermuda for a few days. Won't that be fun? I know it will be! I LOVE summer!


The most important thing about this entry is that I mysteriously change the spelling of my name from Corey to Corë. Note the umlaut. It was part of my exciting new identity. I insisted that my parents use this spelling in their letters to me. Strangely, they happily complied. I actually think they thought it was cool? There is such a thing as being too supportive.

That said, I'm going back to the super cool spelling. Please call my Corë from now on. I'm alerting my publisher so they get my name right on my book. God I'm awesome.