Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In which I contemplate a BERET.

Hey Beth!


I had so much fun with my family! I got a Crazy Creek chair, jean overalls and the coolest jeans. They are wide-legged. They look good on me, I think. I'm going for a totally new style this year. I'm going to buy this really cool beret and look all hippie-ish. I want to grow my hair longer and get like platform-type shoes. I'm so psyched. And I want cool dresses. And I have this awesome new shirt that mom gave me and I'm going to spray chamomile tea in my hair and it will turn lighter. I have TONS of fake tattoos now. Like 30 or so that I wear a lot. I can't wait! GET ME HOME!


Still using the umlaut.
And now planning on wearing a beret.

The cool won't stop.


  1. Long time/first time. It was the combo of the umlaut and
    "I have TONS of fake tattoos now. Like 30 or so that I wear a lot. "

    that pushed me over the edge.

    My old diaries are humiliating. I was never really a diary person but some of my favourite books had characters who were, so I became one, off and on. Not my proudest work.

  2. It is a strange combination of recognizing parts of yourself and REALLY not recognizing parts of yourself. And PRAYING I've changed. =) Thanks so much for reading! Glad I finally pushed you over the edge!