Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Popular Kids Know How To Use Email!


Hey Bethy!

What's up? Today Mom and I went shopping for my room. I found some nice, antique beds. Mom said I could take over the guest room or the computer room (trade). I think I might actually move to the computer room. It would be SO much fun. I'm also thinking about getting a bed that is really low to the ground-- very modern. Mom isn't crazy about that, though-- not that it's her choice at all!! 

Today I got a few email messages from Nina. She's Tess's really good friend. I didn't think she liked me at all! But she does. She's helping me find out whether Ned likes me or not (they are good friends). She's telling me some of her secrets! She's very popular she's been writing other random notes to me-- I'm even on her mailing list now! She even suggested we do something this week. Does that rule or what?? She's so fun to be with. And now that I'm, like, best friends with Tess again, and I'm really close with Alice, Claudia, and Lily... I'm popular! I also have good friends in the "other" group, that are very cool!! I AM HAPPY!!


What seventh grader in 1996 has a mailing list? And oh for the days when being on someone's mailing list was a GOOD thing.

But really. Mass emails?? About... what?? I mean, we weren't like, famous. We didn't have gigs or big announcements sooooo I assume her mass emails were about, like, math homework?

But okay. That's what the popular kids were doing. And now I'm one of them!!! Except, I'm not. I'm actually not positive if I maybe had like five minutes of popularity and then it changed, or if I just was never actually popular at all but SUPER delusional. I'm thinking the latter. I feel like being popular is something I would remember, right?

Also, I love my proclamation that what kind of bed I get isn't my mom's choice. Um. It's not like I'M paying for a bed with my 13-year-old Saturday night babysitting salary of like 4 bucks an hour. Soooo I'm pretty sure it IS kinda my mom's choice.

Minor parenting fail.

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