Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Fall In Love With a Boy At The Mall.


Hey Bethany!

Wassup! Nothing with me. It's St. Patrick's Day. I wore a green bra, shirt, scrunchie, plastic ring (very in).

I went to the Natick Mall with Kristen, Diana and Ellen. It was sooooo fun. I got a mini-backpack (in), wallet, Seventeen magazine, a Charleston Chew (my favorite candy), some bath beads (I now have nine!) and 12 stick of incense (I now have 32 altogether). 

On Friday Kristen and I went to see the movie "Up Close and Personal". It was wicked good! All the romantic movies make me sad though. =( I want Ned so badly! I kept thinking I would bump into Ned at the mall today, and we'd go to Friendly's together, and share a Fribble (sort of like a milkshake) and he'd ask me out and kiss me. NO SUCH LUCK! 

I did see a cute guy sitting in the food court. He had a very nice body, and brown hair, and nice eyes-- his eyes weren't half of date as Ned's (no one competes with him) but he looked a bit hotter. I think he may have been checking me out. I think guy-strangers are actually starting to-- but it wouldn't matter. Not like I'll ever see him again. Unless of course he's applying to Nobles and he comes and he and Ned fight over me. YEAH RIGHT! 

I wonder if guys talk about girls. I wonder who they talk about. I'm sure they don't talk about me. Some guys in my grade have forgotten my existence. Probably not Ned since we're such good friends! Friends is pretty good too, I can be around him a whole lot, and talk to him, and smile at him and laugh with him (and at him). But I wonder if he's ever thought of me for something else. Like a girlfriend for instance? He has no idea how I feel about him. He really is clueless that I like him-- my friends agree. We could figure it out if he did. He knew about Hayley. She asked him out in December-- he said no. He also told Tess that he thinks Hayley's annoying (cha-ching!!!!) Which, of course, she is. 

Peace and Love,

I love my assessment of what's "in". And my need to tell my JOURNAL how "in" I am. Plastic rings! Mini backpacks! I could not have been any cooler, guys.

Also, this may be the most MA-centric entry yet. What with my use of the word "wicked" and my dreams of sharing not a milkshake, but a Friendly's Fribble with my crush (side note: I'm pretty sure a Fribble IS a milkshake, not is just "sort of like" a milkshake) (other side note: why am I having 1950s style fantasies about milkshake-sharing?)

Also, what happened to 11-year-old Corey who thought she was HOT SHIT?? I mean, I'm cute at 13 than I am at 11 (marginally. let's not go crazy. cutER, not actually cute). But suddenly I've had some epic confidence crash.

Also-- I love how pissed I was at Hayley for trying to steal Derek from me, but i have ZERO qualms about going after Ned after he turned her down. And reveling in his rejection of her. Keeping it classy as always, little Corey.

Lastly, What is UP with the incense collection?? I know that I don't actually USE the incense because I'm terrified of fire, so there's no way I'm like, lighting matches or lighters. Nor would I be allowed to in my room anyway, i'm sure. So I guess I just sit around surrounded by 32 sticks of incense just.... sniffing them??

Just when I think I can't possibly get any cooler....

I want a Fribble. Who's in?


  1. This. Is. Amazing. I love it. Especially the analysis after. Are you still keeping a journal? I really hope so. (All mine got accidentally dumped when my mum moved house, it's the saddest thing. I was a total nob. It would have been most amusing.)

  2. Also, I tried to follow you, but not sure I've done it right. I am not compatible with the internet. I don't even understand why.

  3. I DO actually still keep a journal! I'm so glad you're liking it. =)