Monday, August 20, 2012

I Want My Friends to be Happy.... Uh... Sort of

April 16,1996

Hey there Beth,

What's up? Not much here. Talked a lot to Ned today-- of course it was fun. Found out that Joe kind of likes Tess. Looks as though they may be an up and coming couple. Of course I'm happy but I don't want them to go out. I feel like Tess has it all. She has never had a boyfriend, but she might get the guy she wants. She has incredible grades and everyone has been (lately) talking about how pretty she is/will be. I mean, what about me? I want her to be happy, but not if it causes me a ton of jealousy. She will accidentally rub it in-- I know it. She's a great friend but I want to be a little like her. Did I mention how popular she is?? I guess I'm fairly popular and ok-looking, but you know. Oh well. 

Also Diana is getting a tiny bit bitchy. When I tell her good news she doesn't care and when I have bad news she will rub it in. She's my best friend, but I don't like her attitude. Sometimes she is great. But I can't deal with the other times. No one is perfect, but she is acting totally clueless lately. Talk about mood swings! 

Peace and Love,

What a surprise. I'm calling more of my friends bitchy.

And another surprise! I'm jealous of one of them.

Also why are people talking about how pretty she WILL BE? That's weird, right? Like, who is saying that exactly?? Adults? People our own age? Such a strange little distinction there.

I don't think Joe and Tess end up dating, but I might be wrong. I end up dating Joe in about a year. It's pretty exciting. Even though I'm only ok-looking.

Also it's driving me crazy that I keep calling myself "popular". It's just.... not true. At All. I was never, never remotely popular. Delusional, yes. Popular, no.

Sorry Tess and Diana. But if it makes you feel better I think everyone is bitchy and everyone makes me jealous. Soooo you're in good company.

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