Monday, October 5, 2009

Fake Fights. Cause Real Ones Aren't Psycho Enough.

May 24, 1994
Dear Bethy,
Hi! Good news and horrible news.
1. Musical Theatre was great!
2. I feel confident about my social studies test. It was about the Pre-Civil War.
3. Nikki [a new pen pal. During this time I had A LOT of pen pals.] wrote back! She sent her picture. She's overweight but she seems nice, and that's what counts.

Horrible, terrible, no good, very bad news:
Yesterday, Evie and Piper got into a fight. Or at least that's what it was thought to be. See, after Art yesterday, Evie told me that Piper had "done it again" (meaning that Piper was calling her stupid). She was laughing when she said it so I said "Evie, are you SURE? Pink swear you're telling me the truth?" and she PINKY SWORE. Then, today I found out it was just a fake fight. I got mad at them. (I think I had the right to... don't you?)

And after music Evie wrote a note saying they were doing it for fun, not anything to do with me. So I wrote back saying "I don't believe you because you brought me into it and everything... maybe you're not the person I thought you were." And then she came by and whispered to me, "Well at least I'm not a perfect little bitch like you." I got mad and everything and since I'm so sensitive, I started crying at recess. Everyone was saying "Corey, what's wrong?" and I only wanted to be alone with Georgia and Diana. So I sobbed "I just want to be alone". Also, the whole recess Piper and Evie were following me around making fun of me. They're making fun of me but I will NOT stoop so low as to make fun of them.

PS: Mrs. Jefferson has this board called "Then and Now" and it has pictures of everyone from September and from May. Piper and Evie ruined my May picture. Luckily, Mrs. J busted them.

Woah. I'm actually pretty overwhelmed by this one. And by overwhelmed, I mean I am experiencing PTSD.
I mean, first of all, a fake fight?? What the fuck is that? That seems like a lot of trouble to go through to make someone mad. Making someone mad really isn't that hard. Especially eleven year old Corey. She seems to get mad pretty easily (whereas now, you know, my temper's totally under control)
I can't quite get a grasp on what I was so upset about... so I understand that saying Evie wasn't show I thought she was is rather extreme... Did I think she was not someone who would get in a fake fight, only real ones? I'm confused. BUT that said... perfect little bitch is pretty hardcore. I mean, I was kind of a judgmental, holier than thou child.... but actually calling me on it?? ouch.

I always enjoy most of all my descriptions of my dramatic crying fits. I think I was secretly in a soap opera that no one else knew about. A really poorly written soap opera.

As for my fat pen pal... its sooooo nice of me to still think she might be a good person despite her weight. I mean, I must be a good person if I can look as horrible an affliction as being overweight in a new pen pal. I mean, ideally, all your pen pals are skinny. But oh well. These days, I'd be more concerned with the unicorn stickers she sent me. She was SO a pink unicorn type of girl. I think we all know what I'm talking about...


  1. I am continually amazed by this blog.

  2. Thanks Joe. I know what a serious effort it takes to amaze someone like you. =)

  3. Just discovered this blog. Good to know I am not the only person having "conversations" with her 11-year-old self (I've been keeping a journal now for 37 years -- not sure how many volumes I'm at, but I have a trunk load stored in my parents' attic. The ones written at age 11/12 are definately the most amuzing, yet it's that age 11/12 self I feel I have to answer to now). I look forward to reading more about 11-year-old Corey.