Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reviewing my friend list, once again.

Above: the fabulous Diana-- a photo glued into my journal along with this entry. I'm pretty sure she's wearing my shirt. And I'm pretty sure we took this picture on some sort of model-esque photo shoot we were doing.

May 11, 1994

Dear Bethany,
Today I woke up and found out a bee was in the back hall so I went insane. I didn't get stung though. I got to school and found out Allison had broken her arm!! In gym we did gymnastics. We're practicing for the Open House. Poor Allison, she can't be in it!!
I'll start a new Friends List.

1. Diana: Diana has been my best friend since my second year of nursery school. .She used to dress really strangely, but she's pretty normal now. She's got a dog- Sandy, and a new kitten, O. She has 1 brother, Ross, who's 12 (she's 10). She has short brown hair and glasses. She doesn't take anything seriously anymore. And when I tried to tell her that she just started laughing!

I may think I'm fooling someone with my fake sympathy for Lydia, but that little comment about gymnastics at Open House is a dead giveaway. Allison was totally my main competition for being an adorable little gymnast. The fact that she broke her arm and wouldn't be able to perform was nothing short of thrilling. That much I am sure of. You can tell my the multiple exclamation points that I am just barely masking my joy.

Poor Diana, I am so hard on her. And I love that I am somehow the fashion expert. What with my fabulous collection of patterned vests and weirdo hats and let's be honest, just some seriously upsetting clothing choices. Given this, I wonder what "pretty normal" means. What's the scale we are talking about here? Pretty normal... more like ME? more basics? I'm not sure I'm in any position at this point to be judging normality.

As for the seriousness-- I took myself SO seriously that it would be hard to compete with that. And given that I have now promoted Diana to the number one spot... why do I not have anything actually positive to report?? Conundrum.

No comment about the bee. I just think its funny all on its own. Little did I know I would someday have to deal with mice in my apartment.


  1. I still don't take anything seriously.

    That picture is pure gold. ANTM.

    I totally did dress strangely. I wore a tie with a skort, tights and high top sneakers to my first day of 4th grade. I totally respect my little self, though. She rocked it out.

    (Also, I like how you changed my dog and cat's name here, but you didn't change my brother's name. Kinda hilarious.)

  2. omg, i didn't realize i didn't change ross' name! hahahahaha. Thats awesome. Like the dog and cat really need the anonymity, you know, for their reputations (in pet heaven), but Ross... whatever.

    and you totally rocked the crazy outfits. i love that you had that much like... confidence? attitude? I don't know what it was. But you went for it.

  3. Didn't Lydia break her arm about 5 times in elementary school? I was always jealous of her casts.

  4. you keep flipflopping between real names and fake names. you used the name lydia in the blog ;)

  5. i knowwww. I think I only did it once though. It's hard to keep translating while transcribing.