Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things I Love; Things I Hate.

Ok. I can't type this one out because it a simply THAT BAD.
But an overview:

I made two lists. Two Top Ten Lists, Letterman style. One of things I love, one of things I hate.

Highlights of the things I love: Luckily, I DO list all three members of my immediate family. They are not tied. In fact, they are quite well spread out across the top ten list. My hampster, Houdini in fact beat some of them. What else beat all THREE family members? Let's take a look at the top five:

#5:Writing (I just love it!)
#4: Books (pick a book, any book)
#3: Tammy (a stuffed bunny I've had since February 20, 1983)
#2: Being in Musicals (singing acting and dancing)
#1: Hippos (so cute... so wonderful)

Um. I just want to reiterate that. HIPPOS are what I love most in the world. More than Patrick, my family or any of my hobbies. And a STUFFED BUNNY also edges out Mom, Dad and my brother. I... feel like a sociopath.

As for the Top Ten things I hate, I'll give you the whole top ten:

#10: winter (YUCK!)
#9: Choices (Diana or Georgia?)
#8: Braces (ouch)
#7: Teeth (what good are they?)
#6: Cassie
#5: Vegetables (gross me out!)
#4: Doctors (This includes dental doctors too)
#3: Being scared (eeeek!)
#2: Fred (Mr. Geek)
#1: War (go away!)

I... wow. Ok first of all, things have changed because winter rules. I just need to get that out there first and foremost. Choices: Diana or Georgia... I wonder what this means? Which one to be best friends with? Which one to kill? The stakes must be pretty high for the choice between the two of them to be on my all time Hate List.
I especially like the Miss America tone I take at the end. The number one thing I hate is war. Wow. Profound.

Actually, I can't comment on this list. I'm still getting over the Things I Love List and the fact that I like my stuffed bunny more than my family. WTF.

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