Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Dare You To Figure This Out

June 7, 1994
Dear Bethany,
Hi! Today kind of stunk.
I got in a fight with Allison. I'm kind of mad at Cathy and Georgia. I'M REALLY MAD AT CORRINE.
Okay, I'm mad at Allison and Cathy because Allison doesn't like Farryl and she's telling rumors and she's told lots of people and not me (but Bree DID tell me)

[Ok. Yep. This actually sounds about right. I actually feel some relief when I recognize myself in these entries. I definitely still really hate when I don't know everyone's dirty little secrets. I have no interest in sharing them, I just really really need to know them. So perhaps marks the first fight I actually understand. Allison spread rumors about Farryl and didn't tell me what they were. Bitch. ]

I'm mad at Georgia because I was all mad after our math test and I came in frowning. Georgia goes, "Oh she's just trying to get attention". Then PIPER came in with a frown and Georgia said "Oh, Piper, what's wrong?"

[I'm going to have to take Georgia's side on this one. I am positive I was just trying to get attention. I mean, it sucks that she called me on it, but it's not her fault she was more perceptive than me.]

I'm mad at Corrine because, see, in class we were doing Fractured Fairy Tales. Corrine is the part of Gretl. Yesterday I was bored so I took a script to cue them. I wanted to cue Corrine and at first she said sure, and then she told Georgia SHE could. And she PROMISED me I could do it. Today I went up to Corrine and said "Well can I have your script?" and she had already given it to Georgia!! I got mad and finally Georgia (unwillingly) gave the script to me. Then Corrine said "Well, I think I'll use my script. I'm not quite sure of the lines." then I was watching Hansel and Gretl and saw Corrine WITHOUT her script. So I looked around and guess who had it? RIGHT. GEORGIA.


Wow. This last one is a total mystery and took me about an hour to untangle. But i THINK the situation basically boils down to me wanting to run lines with Corrine?? I can't imagine why this was such an interesting prospect to me, but if I had to guess I'd say it had to do with not being cast as Gretl MYSELF, and somehow hoping that feeding Corrine her lines would make me a star? I mean, I can tell you one thing for sure: it certainly wasn't because I actually wanted to help her.

In this same Fractured Fairy Tales play, I had to be a giant. Seriously. At like 4 feet tall, the tiniest person EVER, my teacher I guess decided it was best to go for the joke rather than protect any sensitivity I might have about my tininess. I'm still pissed. I think I'm in a fight with Mrs. J.
Actually, I could never handle this amount of fights in my adult life. I'm tired just reading about it. I mean, was i ever NOT mad at someone? And how many times can i possibly use the word "mad" in one single entry??

Things to think about.

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