Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crying at School and Other Corey-Like Behaviors

April 26, 1994

Dear Bethany,
Hi! I'll start on the rest of Thursday. I went to Diana's. Diana just got a new kitten. His name is O. He's cute, but she's obsessed with him. I forget Friday but on Saturday Allison came over and we played and a Wellsley College babysitter named Maren came. She is sooooo nice!
I also convinced myself that Patrick is a lame bitch. Now I like Derek, a guy at the lake in New Hampshire.

Sunday, Diana came over and we went to the Museum of Fine Arts. It was sooooo boring. Today, Tuesday, was ok. I'm in a fight with Piper. Georgia AND Corrine took Piper's side. I'm losing all my friends!! I was so sad that I cried and Mrs. Jefferson saw so I had to tell her about our fight. Also I think Patrick saw me cry. I know I said I don't like him but I kind of do. I was soooo embarassed.

Musical Theatre class was awesome today! I even TALKED to people. I had a GREAT time.

Patrick is a lame bitch. I love it. Where do I get these wonderful turns of phrases? I think I may have to reintegrate this one into my vocabulary. And Derek? He was kind of an ass. And also not someone I saw with any kind of regularity. Which begs the question-- how did I randomly decide to set my sights on him? And how will I feed the obsession if I never interact with him?
... I guess its fine since I actually admit to still liking him in the SAME ENTRY. I guess my self delusion is not terrible successful at this point in time. Kinda refreshing.

Ah. Crying in school. I think its possible I did more crying in school than actual learning. And if Patrick witnessed it, it was probably a good thing-- he should really get to know the real me if we're going to end up together forever.

I TALKED to someone in class? AMAZING! WAY TO GO!

... was some weird mute girl? I don't seem to recall but I seem unnaturally proud of actually interacting with other people...

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