Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Plan AB works... kinda.

March 28, 1994
Dear Beth,

GUESS WHAT? Well, Diana and I did Plan AB and here are the results: 
Well, after math I went to Diana and started out saying "Look I got a new charm..." but it didn't work, Patrick just walked away! 

PlAN B: 
Okay, during last period Diana asked Patrick "Do you like Corey?" And most amazingly he gave a straight forward answer. He said..... "YES!" Then Diana asked if he was going to ask me out. He said.... "Not now, I'm not ready for commitment." Diana said "Next year?" He said...."PROBABLY!" 


I'm just soooo excited! And I wrote him a letter that I'm going to ask Diana to give him. I also asked him to write me a letter. GOD am I excited! 

Besides that BIG incident my day wasn't all that great. I found out that Piper and Sandra are cheating in math. One will do one sheet and the other will do another sheet, then they'll switch. Since Georgia has turned into a Piper FOLLOWER, she doesn't care. 


I have a sneaking suspicion that this huge breakthrough was more Patrick just being sick and tired of Diana asking him about me. And he (wrongly) guessed that if he said he liked me I would let up on the obsessing. But give eleven-year-old Corey an inch, and goddamnit, she will take a mile. 

As for Patrick not being ready for commitment... oh man. I love it. He wants to... what? Play the field? These fifth grade relationships consisted of pretty much ignoring each other and blushing... he totally did that anyway. Not much would have changed. At the time, however, I'm sure I took this resistance as a sign of his incredible maturity.  And who knows? Maybe unbeknownst to all of us Patrick slept around in this year before asking me out. You know, to get it out of his system before he had to commit. 

As for why we women love commitment phobic men... I can't answer that, I can just assert that it starts early.

I don't know about you but I am on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen when Patrick gets my letter... will he write me back?? Will I find a way to further humiliate myself?? Stay tuned.

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  1. "I'm sure I took this resistance as a sign of his incredible maturity."

    That's what us fifth grade boys wanted you girls to think ... when in reality we were just far too occupied with Magic the Gathering.