Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gambling and It's Effect on Fifth Graders

March 29, 1994
Dear Bethy,
Well I did it! I gave the letter to Diana and she gave it to Patrick. I couldn't wait to know what happened. So I called Diana and asked. It turned out he didn't want to talk about it. I wonder if it did any good? I REALLY REALLY want him to write back. 

At school we did Sawin Essay. I started a new story. It was called "The Negative Points in My Life". It was really funny. In math we had a test. Since Allison was absent yesterday, Mrs. Bitch asked if she was ready to take the test. Patrick called out "I'm not ready" jokingly. It was soooo funny. 

At lunch I made two bets. 1. I bet Sky 25 cents that I wouldn't talk for the whole lunch. I lost. 
2. I bet Piper 25 cents that she wouldn't laugh the whole lunch period. There goes another 25 cents. 

PS: This morning when I woke up and saw it was snowing I started crying because I was so upset. I mean, lately it's been so springy. It's almost April and it's still snowing. SOMETHING IS WRONG. 

Patrick will resist.... but Diana and I are pretty relentless. I think I can pretty confidently answer that whatever this letter was (and wow. i wish i could see it now) it probably did NOT do any good. Unless it said something like "Patrick, I know I am a psycho and I will start respecting your boundaries". 

 Patrick's AMAZING joke in math class fails to impress me these days. Does this mean I have higher standards now? 

As for my apparent gambling problem... how long is a lunch period?? Could i really not manage shutting up for like, a 40 minute period? Even sadder is that I DID end up talking, but was apparently not funny enough to make Piper laugh. What a sad combination of lost bets. 

Maybe if Piper had read my totally hilarious story "The Negative Points of My Life" (!!!) she would have laughed. Or maybe this is simply another case of tiny Corey's over inflated ego.... 

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