Monday, September 17, 2012

Scared of Sport, Guys, Bathing Suits

June 14, 1996

Hey there Beth! 

Diana can be so.... I don't know. Tightish. She's my best friend but she can just be so "say-one-thing-and-I'll-kill-you". You know what I mean? I'll say something and it like hits something in her brain or something and she just gets really mad. Not even really mad, just she screams. Sometimes I wish I  could tell her everything wrong with her, and she'd go fix it. 

There's a big all class pool party tomorrow! I can't wait. Well, fine. I'm a little nervous. I look good in a bathing suit. Diana AND my mom both say that. I guess what I'm really stressed about is the little issue of sports. I suck at volleyball and soccer, but what if no one else is bad at them and they all play and I look stupid because I'm NOT playing? Help! This could be very bad. On the other hand, maybe something interesting with guys could happen. Probably not to me though. Oh well. Talk to you later.

Peace and Love,

Sorry Diana. My unreasonable expectations for other people are finally catching up to you. And now I apparently want to just let you know everything I don't like about you, and then have you become a whole new person. Meanwhile, I am just a constant joy to be around.

Also what is this "screaming"? I don't remember Diana being particularly verbally abusive or anything. She wasn't like, constantly raging at me. Apparently, actually, she was mostly telling me how great I looked in a bathing suit. Sounds just terrible.

First pool party. Is there anything more anxiety inducing??


  1. Why am I just reading this one now? Totally sorry for screaming at you. (Also: trying desperately to say something about being called "tightish," but everything I come up with is totally inappropriate.)

  2. Hahahaha. Amazing. And whatever. I mean, at least you told me I looked good in my bathing suit.