Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Have An Amazing Personality. Seriously.

June 12, 1996

Dear Beth,

So I'm out of school finally. I mean I'm not saying the year was bad-- but it was a hell of a year! Just read through a few of my entries. Friends, grades, teachers, so much more. Adjustments are hard. Figuring out who you really are, what you really want to be. I still sort of wonder sometimes. I know what I want to be. I want people to say I have a passion for life, I really really really want to. I want to always be happy, helpful, diligent, fun optimistic. I am in some ways. At least I think so. A lot of other people think so too.  I know they do.
I can work on stuff, like how to treat people in my life. 
I think my personality could really do a lot for my life. 

So anyway, I'm totally psyched for summer. Who wouldn't be? I'm going to Bermuda soon. And then NH to do a theatre thing. I hope Brian, the one I was in The Sound of Music with, is in the theatre thing with me. I really think I might be in love with him. That probably sounds extreme but we're MADE for each other. 

-- Corey

Ah, I love it when Little Corey gets all deep. 
Also, who wants to be diligent??

And, are you as confused as I am about the sudden appearance of Love of My Life, Brian?? Because I have talked about Derek, Ned, and Joe this year... but this Brian dude is a mystery. He was an actor/dancer/singer I did musical theatre with and I think threw myself at eventually. 

And my personality has TOTALLY done SO MUCH for my life. So, that was a solid prediction for sure. 


  1. Wait, I though Joe was SO what you were looking for!? This is getting waaaay too complicated for me to follow.

  2. I'm a fickle one, apparently. Probably, since I know I won't see Joe all summer, I have to redirect all that love to someone I WILL see over the summer.