Sunday, October 21, 2012

Everyone's Looking at Me.

July 5, 1996

I found out James is bi. Not that that's important. I don't think stuff like that is bad at all. It's a surprise. I know lots of gay people, but no one bisexual. I mean, he could still like me... if I was about seven years older. It would be really strange though. 
I'm alone on the beach waiting for Caroline. It's strange 'cause the lifeguards keep turning around, etc. Almost to rub it in that I'm alone, you know? The lifeguard girl is like turning around and staring at me. The beach is so strange this year because all the lifeguards are new and I'm pretty sure they are all total jerks, too Not exactly a great combination. Where's Caroline? We planned to come at 10:30 and it is now 10:35. Not like that's a huge difference, but I had the impression that she would come as soon as she hung up with me. 
There goes that stupid lifeguard again. Maybe she's obsessed with me. She's probably trying to figure out all about my life. 
Bryan's here. I don't know if I told you about him, but last year Kat and I literally fought over him. Now I think he's strange. Oh well. Things happen. 
I'm getting very annoyed now. Where's Caroline? It's 10:40. Ten minutes late. 
I talked to Diana last night. I miss her so much. 
Peace and Love,

My first documented thoughts on sexual diversity! And I don't think it's "bad". In fact, I'm even down with the idea of dating a 20 year old bisexual dude.... when I am THIRTEEN years old. So there's that.  
I'm basically live-tweeting my friend being 10 minutes late. Thank god Twitter didn't exist in the 90s. Because, um, I would clearly have used it terribly. 
I love that the most reasonable solution to anyone looking my way is that they're obsessed with me. 
And good ole Bryan. My like, decade-long beach crush every summer. I will soon stop thinking he is weird, and love him again. Any day now, I'm sure.

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  1. I AM RIGHT HERE! Clearly, CAH. Because I am obsessed with this blog (actually, that's true).