Friday, February 18, 2011

Home Base. Which I Probably Don't Actually Know the Meaning of.

July 24, 1995

Dear Beth,

Well its my second day at camp. Actually its the beginning of the first FULL day here at Lochearn Camp for Girls. It's great here. Tiny (but cozy) cabin, 8 of us (incuding our counselor Skip). Actually, Skip is awesome. So is just about everyone here. Sue is kinda talkative and can be nice but sometimes she acts really sucky. Susan really gets to me though.

July 25, 1995
Dear Bethy,
Hi! Camp is good. All Mo's little friends are here talking about second base and they asked what base I've been to with Patrick. I haven't even gotten a peck on the cheek, I barely talk to him and I never have held his hand. It's depressing. I feel really immature. I used to feel all "cool" but now I feel like I SHOULD make out, etc.
No I don't want to go to "home base" before I get married but I'd ike to say "I've gone to second base" I'd like to- but I don't want it to really happen. Oh well! life is screwed.

Peace and Love,

Oh. Oh no. Not little Corey talking about no sex until marriage. nooooo.
To be fair, who knows what I think sex actually IS at this point. I mean, I'm still using baseball euphemisms so clearly I am not 100 percent informed.

Also, here is the moment when it becomes clear that my "boyfriend" Patrick is not really gonna cut it as a boyfriend. I mean, if you can't brag at camp about going to second base.... what is the point of even HAVING a boyfriend?

Life lessons from Lochearn Camp for Girls.

Oh and yes, Life is Screwed. Glad I learned that shit early on.

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