Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Rachel and other terrible haircuts

September 24, 1995
Mom said I could do whatever I want with my hair!!! I think I'll perm it. Or do something like this:


Isn''t that awesome?? I'm soooo excited! She's gonna get an appointment with my hair stylist, Julie, for next weekend. So I can talk with her about what would look good on me!! I'm hoping Jullie will have one of those computer things where it takes a picture then shows you yourself with all different hairstyles. All my friends were really jealous 'cause none of their moms would EVER let them do anything interesting with their hair.

I wonder what Patrick will think? I don't know if I care. I've been thinking about maybe dumping him. Maybe I'll just wait until someone else asks me out!

Peace and Love,

Ah, The Rachel. The haircut tailor made for your average awkward twelve year old girl.
Oh wait.
Yeah that looked like shit. But at least she didn't let me get the perm I thought I wanted. (and by she I mean my hairdresser, not my mother. My mother really was letting me do whatever i wanted. Clearly my judgment had proven to be impeccable)

I wonder where I got the idea of this computer thing? It sounds like somehting from the movie "Clueless" but I'm not sure that movie existed yet. Or if I'd seen it. Or if I heard about it in some crappy Teen Magazine. Or if maybe I was just so completely deranged that I came up with that shit myself.

In any case, I'm pretty sure in 1995 your average suburban hair salon wasn't using advanced technology to help 12 year olds decide whether or not to perm their hair. It's like half of me thought it was the 80s and the other half was pretty convinced I was in some futuristic flying cars Jetsons-type world.

As for my sudden desire to "dump" my "boyfriend" "Patrick"... I wonder if he even know that we were still "together" at this point. By my calculations the last time I saw Patrick was in May. It is now September. We have not spoken, seen each other, or in any way ackowledged each other's existence.

But oh well, I'm such hot shit I'm sure someone else is thisclose to asking me out. 'Cause I am going to KICK ASS at my new private school.

Or something.

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  1. "This computer thing" may have come from the episode of "Arthur." Not sure if it was out in 1995 though. Certainly was by 1999.