Monday, February 1, 2010

Ace of Base vs. Mariah Carey vs... Phil Collins??

September 8, 1994

Dear Bethany,
Hello. Today will be my last entry in this journal.

Today was the first day of school. I wore: a white t-shirt, my locket, a silver bracelet, a blue white and black kilt, white socks and a cool pair of shoes. I thought I looked at least 12. I was really nervous. What if no one else is dressed up? What if I hate Mr. Moran? What if everyone makes fun of me?
I know these sound like stupid questions... but I think everyone is worried about stuff like that.
We had an open-circle type thing. We went around and said our name and our favorite rock group/singer. It was to help the new kids know us better. I said my favorite group was Ave of Base. I like them, but they're not my favorite. I mean seriously! I don't want to ruin my reputation by saying some one like Phil Collins or Mariah Carey. On new boy, Justin, said Mariah Carey. Maybe he's gay or something because that is NOT a boy singer. If you know what I mean.


a KILT?? I wore a KILT on my first day of school?? Who let me out of the house wearing these getups? Oh well. At least I had "cool shoes". Lord knows what THAT means. But as long as they made me look at least 12 years old... then i'm good to go. Of course, at this point in my journals I am 11, so I'm not sure why the one year jump up was so vital. I guess 12 IS pretty damn mature...

Ok. Music. I stand behind my Ace of Base selection whole heartedly. BUT, why are they a band that will be good for my reputation, whereas Mariah Carey is not? Time of course shows us that Mariah had a somewhat (ha) more successful career than Ace of Base. But the real question... Phil Collins?? Where did THAT come from? I don't really recall having a deep passion for Phil Collins. Or having a CD (or in 1994 a cassette tape I suppose) of his at all for that matter. Did 11 year olds listen to Phil Collins?

Poor Phil. Being considered less reputable than Ace of Base. Ouch.

Oh, and Justin may not have been gay but he did not have the good social understanding that I did. According to Corey's laws of popularity lying is always the best way to protect your reputation. Poor kid. I wonder if everyone else was as aware of this serious faux-pas as I was...


  1. Dude! I have a similar project going on where I'm posting my old stories/diary entries/drawings of people with their hands behind their backs because I sucked at drawing hands. Very excited to have found your blog! I am adding you to my blogroll post-haste.

    Also, I think you were wise beyond your years to realize that admitting you liked Phil Collins would be social suicide. I would have thought you were at least 12.

  2. Cool!! Would love to see it-- do you have a website?

    And thanks! I can't believe i pulled off being a TWELVE YEAR OLD. GOD I was mature. And ahead of my time. And all sorts of other wonderful things.

  3. This blog is amazing. I found it on Sada's blogroll and have read it from beginning to end in one sitting. The way you're so hard on your young self cracks me up. Now I'm sad I never kept up with my diaries as a kid.

  4. Thanks Michelle! Always happy when someone new finds the blog! Just posted a new entry-- and please, of course, pass on to your friends... the more people getting joy from my horrible pre-teen behavior the better. =)

  5. Your outfit seems very Blossom. Maybe by kilt you just meant, like, tartan skirt? i think it sounds cute.

    And kudos for spotting a gay boy early on instead of forming a crush on him.

  6. thanks josh! maybe i'll bring the "kilt" back. I can pull it off!

    yeah i was all for the unavailable men... i'm shocked i didn't head straight for the gay boy. it would have totally been by 11 year old style. =)