Saturday, January 23, 2010

As Requested.

The Working Women of Corey's Brain with Your Host Miss Blah Blah (clapping)...

Thank you, thank you. Now onto the first interview. Breanna.

Q: Breanna, what part of Corey's body do you work in?

A: I work in the brain.

Q: What is your job there?

A: I work with thoughts, and since I'm a genie I try to make her wishful thoughts come true.

Q: What do you think of logic?

A: Yuck, logic is so trapped. You can tell Corey hates logic because she hates math and math is very logical.

Q: Corey loves writing... does that have anything to do with logic?

A: No of course not . Writing is so free and thoughtful. I think it's positively lovely that she likes it.

Q: Is there any reason you took up thoughts?

A: Well, I don't like to think of it as a reason since I hate reasons but I thought it would be nice to take up thoughts since this has gone through generations of my family. I'm having a baby soon and I hope he or she takes up thoughts.

Q: Do you hope to have a boy or a girl?

A: Definitely a girl.

Q: Is there any reason you want a girl instead of a boy?

A: NO NOT A REASON!! But I THINK a girl would be nicer because boys have been proven to be better at math.

Q: Who else works in the brain with you?

A: Well there's Belle, the logic brain and Bonnie who tells the other parts of Corey's anatomy what to do.

Q: I take it you're not too fond of Belle?

A: Not at all. Her section of the brain is so neat and organized. She even has one of those little cabinets to keep math problems in.

Q: Who is your husband?

A: My husband is the thoughts of Corey's love, Patrick's brain.

Q: Does he have the same ideas as you?

A: Yes, except with him the logic takes over. He is so very weak.

I don't think this requires much commentary. It is another project I worked on in my journal, a series of interviews like these go on for a week or two and "Miss Blah Blah" interviews different parts of my brain.
Obviously the best part of this interview is my assessment of how Patrick's brain works. I am pretty impressed with the succinct and creative way I tackle the differences between men and women... it explains a lot.

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