Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Your Problem, Not Mine.

June 29, 1994

Dear Bethy,
Hi. Today we had a photo call for "Sound of Music". It went very well. First I met three really nice interns AND I got to have Jeff Landen put his hand on my shoulder. Jeff Landen is a very talented actor who I find very nice. I think I like him.
Tomorrow I have a rehearsal from 130-430. Cathy's going to have to be alone for three hours. I feel so bad for her. I mean if I was at her beach house and she had to go somewhere for three hours I would be boiling mad. Cathy doesn't seem too mad, but she's unpredictable. I think she's trying very hard to hide her disappointment. Oh well. Its her problem, not mine. That sounds rude but at this time and place acting is the most important thing in my life. Even more important than friends (sorry Cathy!)
Today me, Cathy and my brother played Monopoly. Cathy and I won (actually I think I won but it would be rude to say that). For dinner tonight we're having Annie's Pasta (yum!) and salad (yuck!)

WOW I think highly of myself. I mean honestly, I take myself so seriously. I'm all "worried" about Cathy when in reality I have to imagine Cathy was downright EXCITED to get a three hour break from me. I would be. Not only am I a professional actress who is prioritizing her career, I am also a Monopoly prodigy. AND i'm so modest that I let Cathy think she's helped me win. Sigh. It's hard being so wonderful.

Oh and Jeff will probably reappear. My crush on him is ongoing, though in retrospect there's pretty much NO chance he was actually straight. My desire for boys who have zero interest in me is pretty fucking strong at this point. Older men, gay men, boys who have TOLD me they aren't interested.... I love them all.

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