Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mixed Up Volumes.

Below, I begin an exciting writing project where I write journal entries from the point of view of inanimate objects. Hilarity and Humiliation ensue.

June 27, 1994

From the Mixed up Volumes of Quarty Quarter's Green Journal

Dear Journal,
Hello. This is my first journal entry. Today was quite exciting. First this rough bumpy hand took me out of this cloth covering (I think it's called a purse) I was beginning to call home. I was put into a plastic bag, I bounced and jumped around with some other coins. I met this really cute penny (her name was Penny). We danced for three hours. She even kissed me. She is such a beautiful copper color. She was new, from 1993. Then I was separated from my darling Penny and into a smoother hand with nails called Jen. While Penny pas taken into the rough bumpy hand called Sam. Jen took me and put me into an old wrinkled hand called Mrs. Cramm. I heard some dings, and a drawer opened and I was dropped into a metal box with a clink. That's where I found you, Dear Journal. You are such a funny green color and those numbers bug me but I still trust you.
Quarty Qaurter

This entry is followed by Spoonoe Spoon's Journal, and Forkster Fork's Journal. I don't know who came up with this idea (GENIUS) but it seems both Cathy and I are writing these little entries in our journals. In fact, we are seemingly obsessed with finishing our current journals so we can buy new ones. This means we both must write ten pages a day for the next week. A grueling pace. Apparently I have been a workaholic since I was in elementary school. which is either great or unbelievably depressing.

As for the actual content above? I mean come on. I think it speaks for itself....

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