Thursday, March 21, 2013

List Of Everything That's Terrible

July 26, 1996


Lots of news! First off, I got the part of Rafiki in The Lion King. I don't know if it's bad or good-- good  I think. Got a package from Jen. Unfortunately it was mostly candy and they took it away, even though she hid it wicked well. I got another letter from Dad with a wicked funny article. 

Awful news. You remember that letter I told Jillian to give Bryan?She gave it to him and he showed ut to everyone on the beach and now they all know I like(d) him! I HATE HIM SO MUCH! 

I don't understand why he would do that. He obviously doesn't like me but I thought we were at least friends. If he really valued our friendship he that wouldn't have happened. So now let's list everything that's wrong with my life:

1. I haven't gone out with a guy for more than 8 months. 
2. They guy I like couldn't care less about me. 
3. My brother is leaving me alone with my mom and dad. 
4. For some reason the camp I loved last year just isn't the same this year.
5. Someone I thought was a good friend sorta uses me.
6. One of the most special friends I've ever had is moving to Germany possibly. 
7. I can't get the lead in a stupid camp play, let alone ever make it to where I want to go. 

So basically I'm a stupid, untalented, friendless happy-less, boyfriendless girl.



PS: At least I have Diana. 

A lesson I have learned from combing through these old journal entries? DO NOT WRITE LETTERS. I don't know if this applies to email too (PROBABLY) but it seems like any time Little Corey puts something in writing it goes terribly, terrible wrong.

This list makes me sad. And also happy, because even on a bad day, 30 year old Corey doesn't ever hate THIS many things about life. I'm interested to see when the bitterness fades.