Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's WAY too confusing to explain to you.

January 26, 1995
Dear Bethy,
Hi! How's life? NORMAL! I mean really, could it be more boring? Let's see, Mr. M said my grades were dropping, that was a bit distracting. He said he was only telling me that 'cause he likes me. I guess I like him too but not THAT much. I mean, he can really get to me.

Evie and Mike broke up but it wasn't really official and its just been like, five days since they started so...

Another person that is not talking to one of her friends-- Piper is not taking to Evie. It's WAY too confusing to explain to you.

Georgia wore pigtails to school today. It looked really screwed but I'm not about to say that to her face.

Today when I was looking at myself in the mirror I noticed that I have a beautiful smile!


I wonder now if Mr. M actually told me about my grades because of how much he likes me or if thats just what he says to everyone. I think I take it to heart a little too much-- as if he is vying for my friendship and I'm going to have to turn the poor guy down cause, you know, i don't like him THAT much.

I also am shocked at the drama of sixth grade relationships. Everyone seems to be in a couple but as far as I know no one (really. NO ONE) actually speaks, touches, or goes on dates. So the getting together and breaking up is totally lacking actual cause and effect. Which is maybe why I'm so fascinated by it. Imagine a world where at any moment any two totally arbitrary people who have no interest in each other can suddenly decide to be in a committed relationship. It's thrilling, right?

I can't comment on the fact that I suddenly, while staring at my own reflection noticed by amazing beauty. So few things in this world are shocking, hilarious, humiliating and prideful all at once, but I think that one sentence pretty much covers every emotion I have access to.


  1. "Diana"April 16, 2010 at 4:03 PM

    Oh man, those last two sentences KILLED me. Good work, 13 yo Cor.

  2. that is amazing. just awesome.