Sunday, March 21, 2010

Best Use of Curse Words

January 24, 1995

Dear Bethy,

Well, I got the letter from Farryl. Pathetic. Always saying " I don't need time, Corey Ann" "I won't regret this, Corey Ann" I wonder if she thinks she makes a point by using my full name? I don't know. I wonder. You know, after this letter, I've come to the conclusion I don't even want to be her friend anymore. I think real true friends would always realize the other person makes mistakes. And you know what? I don't think I made a mistake by writing Farryl that letter, I meant ever word. It was the right thing to do. SHE'S A FUCKING BITCHY BRAT AND SHE KNOWS IT!!!
Anyway, enough about Farryl, even though that's my life right now.

Also, Ellen and I decided we're doing something together for the 6th grade talent show. She's going to play the piano while I sing "A Whole New World".
You know, I never told you but in December I was in a play called Amahl and the Night Visitors. I was Amahl, a 12 year old crippled boy! It was sooooo much fun. And I got paid $150- Nice deal!


It must be nice to never be at fault. I'm so glad I've come around to NOT being sorry at ALL about the condescending, evil note I took it upon myself to write. I mean, if I find someone bitchy for no apparent reason I should DEFINITELY lay it all out and describe their faults, just for the betterment of humanity. It's actually selfless. Generous. I was being NICE. How dare she use my full name in response??
...It actually sounds like I got off pretty easy given how horrible I was. I remember this being so upsetting and destroying me, but in reality I feel like Farryl didn't really fight back too hard. She basically said what everyone else should have said at that point: I don't want you in my life.

My use of cursing still leaves something to be desired. I respect the effort, but 27 year old Corey sounds way less awkward when swearing like a sailor. I'll grow into it I guess. "Fucking bitchy brat" just doesn't roll off the tongue easily enough.

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