Monday, June 27, 2011

Why Do I Speak in 1950s Cliches?

November 7, 1995

I had another gold star day! Actually, not totally but more one thing in particular:
Over the weekend Diana and I devised a plan. I gave Diana a picture of me. She would give it to Patrick, saying that I gave it to her and that she was being nice by letting him keep it.
She did this today and when he said it he was like, "Cool." And then she said, "You owe me," and he said "Yep."
And she said "You should give me lots of thanx." And he said "Yep." And she said "You need to give her your picture." And he said "Yeah-- wait no!" THEN (this is the awesome part) He walked to his locker and said "Darn, I forgot my wallet"-- meaning he would put my picture IN HIS WALLET! Is that not the TOPS in terms of sweetness? I am SO incredibly in love with that boy. He is Mr. Awesome. The right guy for me. All the way.

Only bad thing: tomorrow I have voice lessons with GROSS GIRL. I hate her so much!!! She is so bitchy!!! Why is she an asshole? She treats me like I'm two years old for starters. Plus she is ugly and sucky. I really dislike her (uh, duh). SO annoying.

Peace and Love,
PS: Patrick and I will have been going out for eight months as of Monday!

So this may explain my vocabulary choices: During this period of time I watched a LOT of Brady Bunch. Sooo I guess that had some kind of influence on my speech patterns. Which... may also explain why I sort of never progressed beyond "She's OK" on the popularity totem pole. Also: spoiler alert-- Patrick and I break up within a month of this entry so... this genius plan with Diana was perhaps not as WILDLY SUCCESSFUL as I seemed to think it was.

Also: my expectations for awesome romantic moments seemed to be STAGGERINGLY low, even for a 12 year old.

Lastly, I do end up totally abandoning my singing, which I'm starting to think might have had something to do with this god awful ("Gross Girl") voice teacher. Kinda makes me sad, seeing how the unraveling of a passion actually happens.
Consider this my unofficial endorsement of the great teachers, and my admonishment of the ones who kinda screw you up when you're little.

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